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Jaromir Beránek (keynote)

Jaromír is a member of the Prague City Assembly, representing the Pirate Party, and Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee of the Prague City Assembly. Jaromír studied at universities in Prague, Cologne and Fort Lauderdale and holds Master’s degrees in International Management and Law. He is a seasoned financial and portfolio manager with experience from multinationals (Bosch, O2) as well as the startup community (Wayra, StartupYard).  In 2018, Jaromír was elected into the Prague City Assembly. As the Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee, he focuses on Smart City and innovation projects, and promotes enterpreneurship. Furthermore, he oversees financial administration and European projects as well as the development of the integrated transportation system, and the promotion of clean mobility.  

Kuuno Vaher (keynote)

Kuuno’s main mission is to secure all healthcare (HC) experts (patient organization groups, doctor associations, political decision-makers, health insurance, hospital leaders, universities, medicines developers, and other parties) are working in close collaboration to secure continuously improved outcomes for patients. He is especially focused on how we can be faster implementing new medical guidelines in real clinical practice and how we can improve and optimize patient pathways in HC using HC digitalization and data. As an experienced leader of medicine developer, Kuuno is doing all possible to build up x-functional teams to lead and drive innovation in all countries together with all HC partners.

Kuuno joined AstraZeneca in 2007 and has 20 years of experience in the industry with proven results in leading market access and business units in various therapeutic areas in Estonia, Baltics, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, and also as a member of the leadership teams in Nordics and CEE region. Kuuno holds a Pharmacy Degree from Tartu University in Estonia. Kuuno is based in Prague. His mission outside of work is to keep family, friends and colleagues in a good spirit and fit enjoying together numerous outdoor sports activities.

Ondřej Hlavička (judge & mentor)

Ondrej Hlavicka is leader with strong background in Technology and Finance and experience ranging from SMEs to global corporations, currently leading Czech branch of Edwards Lifesciences. One of his main professional passions are data and all the ways we can use them to improve and save lives.

Vladimír Janovský (judge & mentor)

Vladimír is a CE IBEX Lead (Innovation excellence) and member of the CEE Innovation Business taskforce at AstraZeneca. He has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years. He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, studied piano, he graduated from the Google Digital Academy. As you can see, he doesn’t like a stereotype and meaningful innovation is his driving force. His current main focus is on patient-centric projects from the Start-up environment and omnichannel marketing.

Robert Bém (judge & mentor)

Robert Bém is Head of Ambulance at Diabetology Clinic at IKEM.

Petr Raška (judge & mentor)

Petr Raška is Chief Information Officer at IKEM.

Michal Pazderník (judge & mentor)

Michal Pazderník is Deputy Head of the Clinic for Teaching at IKEM.

Markéta Šenkýřová (judge & mentor)

Markéta Šenkýřová is Head of PR and Marketing and Spokesperson at IKEM.

Martin Zubek (judge)

Martin Zubek is director of czecho-slovak branch of InterSystems Corporation in Prague and business development manager for area of central and eastern Europe. Martin is working for InterSystems for more than 20 years and is respected expert in the field of Electronic Health Record creation and data integration in healthcare. He has established Czech affilation of IHE (Integrating Healthcare Enterprise) International and IHE Europe where he has been leading working group of Interoperability in the Czech republic. Martin Zubek is member of board at IHE Czech republic and is representing Czech republic at IHE International. He was counselor of Healthcare committee at Parliament Czech republic for Healthcare Data Creation and Hadnling. He is teaching at ČVUT (Czech technology University) Praha newly created theme: Data integration in healthcare. He is finishing his PhD study at Biomedical engineering faculty of CVUT for creation of IHE profiles usage framework for Czech republic. He has been part of implementation team of ePrescription national solution in Slovakia.

Tomáš Studeník (CEE Hacks organizer & mentor)

Tomáš is a radical innovator and city hacker. Tomáš holds MBA from the University of Liverpool and MSc in Innovation from HEC Paris. He is the CEO of Insane Business Ideas (, a consultancy that helps industry leaders and governments innovate. Tomáš organized the first global CEE Hacks hackathon ( in 2017 and has since held numerous innovation events to improve mobility, sustainability, and health of European cities. Apart from consulting companies on innovation strategy, Tomáš holds popular monthly FuckUp Nights ( where lessons from failure are publicly shared by distinguished entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists. In 2018, Tomáš published the Big Book of Fuckups ( that the world-renowned economist Tomáš Sedláček called the book of the year. In 2020, Tomáš is working with a team of artificial intelligence scientists and theatre production to stage the first play written by AI as a celebration of the centenary of the word ‘robot’ (

Jan Kubant (mentor)

Jan Kubant is a mathematical and machine learning engineer and co-founder of Mild Blue, a medical innovation startup. At Mild Blue he and his team create apps and algorithms similar to the ones you will be working on during the hackathon. Jan has experience with end to end development of machine learning and medical app projects and can help you at any moment during the hackathon.

One message to the teams. The initial phase of planning and problem investigation is absolutely crucial. Do not underestimate it! (We will be happy to help).

Tomáš Kouřim (mentor)

Tomáš Kouřim is a mathematician, AI expert, visionary and entrepreneur. He has rich experience developing and delivering robust AI based solutions for both corporations and startups. As a co-founder and CEO of medtech startup Mild Blue he also understands the possibilities and challenges of AI in healthcare and can help you transform your idea into a tool doctors will actually use.

Ivana Vávrová (mentor)

Ivana has been working in the digital marketing industry for more than 13 years. She has worked both in the agency and on the client-side, for example, she has led projects for Citibank, Home Credit, Air Bank, and now AstraZeneca. In recent years, her main focus has been on digital brands and customer experience. She specializes in connecting marketing channels and messaging across the entire customer journey.